EMC HDD new coming

we have new coming stock of EMC HDD,send your inquiry soon:
EMC VX-2S10-300G PN:005048946
EMC VX-2S15-300G PN:005050844 005049604 005050934
EMC VX-2S10-600G PN:005049203 005049250 005049804
EMC VX-2S15-600G PN:005050936
EMC VX-2S10-900G PN:005049206 005049809 005049811
EMC VX-VS10-300G PN:005049175
EMC VX-VS10-600G PN:005049249
EMC VX-VS15-600G PN:005050927
EMC VX-VS10-900G PN:005049205
EMC V3-VS15-300G PN:005049273 005049671
EMC V3-VS15-600G PN:005049675 005049274 005049272
EMC V3-VS15-600G PN:005049274
EMC V3-2S07-1200 PN:005050828
EMC V3-VS07-010 PN:005049407
EMC V3-VS07-020 PN:005049449 005049449 005049277
EMC V3-VS07-030 PN:005049453 005049278
EMC V3-VS07-040 PN:005050953
EMC VMAX-6G10K-600G PN:005050297 005050864
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