EMC AX-SS15-146G AX-SS15-300G AX-SS10-400G

EMC AX-SS15-146G AX-SS15-300G AX-SS10-400G

Model No.︰AX-SS15-146G AX

Brand Name︰EMC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Brand part No tray No
EMC CX-2G10K-146G EMC005048531 005048581 005048632 005048562
EMC CX-4G15K-146G EMC005048741 005048847 005048730 005048701
EMC CX-2G10K-300G EMC005048582 005048633 005048563 005048808
EMC CX-4G10K-300G EMC005048751 005048953
EMC CX-4G15K-300G EMC005048950 005048848 005049031 005048731 005048741
EMC CX-4G10K-400G EMC005048775
EMC CX-4G10K-450G EMC005048954
EMC CX-4G15K-450G EMC005048951 005049032 005048849
EMC CX-4G10K-600G EMC005048955 005049166
EMC CX-4G15K-600G EMC005049033 005049694 005048952
EMC CX-SA07-500G EMC005048608
EMC CX-SA07-750G EMC005048726 005048796
EMC CX-SA07-010 EMC005048829 005048797 005048238 005049541 005049542
EMC CX-SA07-020 EMC005049457 005049061 005049058
EMC CX-AT07-010  
EMC AX-SS15-146G EMC005048873 005048785 
EMC AX-SS15-300G EMC005048956 005048875 005048786
EMC  AX-SS10-400G EMC005048811
EMC AX-SS15-450G EMC005048957 005048877
EMC AX-SS15-600G EMC005048958 005049036
EMC AX-S207-500 EMC005048607
EMC AX-SS07-750 EMC005048777
EMC AX-SS07-010 EMC005048805 005048831 005050024
EMC AX-SS07-020 EMC005049059 005050064 
EMC DMX-2G10K-146G EMC100-880-875
EMC DMX-4G15K-146G 101-000-052 101-000-0111
EMC DMX-4G15K-146G 101-000-066
EMC DMX-2G10K-300G EMC101-000-005 
EMC DMX-4G10K-300G 101-000-086 101-000-177 
EMC DMX-4G15K-300G EMC101-000-183 101-000-193  101-000-051 101-000-112 
EMC DMX-4G10K-400G EMC101-000-102
EMC DMX-4G10K-450G EMC101-000-176
EMC DMX-4G15K-450G EMC101-000-182 101-000-194 101-000-113
EMC DMX-4G10K-600G EMC101-000-208
EMC DMX-4G15K-600G EMC101-000-216 101-000-211
EMC DMX-7.2K-1TB EMC101-000-115 101-000-107
EMC VX-2S10-300G PN:005048946
EMC VX-2S15-300G PN:005050844 005049604 005050934
EMC VX-2S10-600G PN:005049203 005049250 005049804 
EMC  VX-2S15-600G PN:005050936
EMC VX-2S10-900G PN:005049206 005049809 005049811
EMC  VX-VS10-300G PN:005049175
EMC  VX-VS10-600G PN:005049249
EMC  VX-VS15-600G PN:005050927 
EMC  VX-VS10-900G PN:005049205 
EMC V3-VS15-300G PN:005049273 005049671
EMC V3-VS15-600G PN:005049675 005049274 005049272
EMC V3-VS15-600G PN:005049274 
EMC V3-2S07-1200 PN:005050828
EMC  V3-VS07-010 PN:005049407
EMC V3-VS07-020 PN:005049449 005049449 005049277
EMC  V3-VS07-030 PN:005049453 005049278
EMC  V3-VS07-040 PN:005050953
EMC  VMAX-6G10K-600G PN:005050297 005050864
EMC  DD670 DD 2TB  005049283 005049568
  SS-4G15K-600G 600G  15K SAS 
LSI FC-4G15K-146G 5049496





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